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I am in my Mid (Oh, alright Late…) 30’s…

Mother of 2 kids (ages 7 and 9), Biological and Adoptive Momma, Married to my College Sweetheart since 1998, Banker, Seeking PFT Certification, Regularly workout at Fitness Boot Camps, Enjoy Running, Love My Pound Puppy and Ragdoll Kitty, Love Horses and hope to own one again someday, Love beach trips, Walking, Writing, Drawing, Painting, Reading and Cooking (Note to self: Must make MORE time for these latter things listed!)  Have lived in Many States in the USA, Currently in Suburbia in Midwest, USA

Countless Blessings – Christ’s Love, Amazing, Creative, Smart and Giant Hearted Kids, Loving, Faithful, Funny and Adorable Husband, Great Church, Generous, Thoughtful and Wise Parents, My Overall Good Fitness/Health, Sweet and Furry Pets, Safe, Warm, Comfortable Home, Two Time Survivor of Heart Surgery for heart rhythm disorders and several other health issues battled and WON (God is GREAT!)…I could go on and on…

Current Challenges – Daily Challenges with ADHD kiddo and both Kids being Highly Spirited, Hubby recently told he likely has eye cancer called Ocular Melanoma…currently awaiting time for next tests before we decide on treatment…and I continue to badger hubby to seek another opinion before beginning radiation, Extensive storm damage to our home from April 2011 (Yep, we’re still muddling through insurance hoops to fix everything), Foundation of home failing (this delays storm damage fixes, too…and further drains finances), Strain with inlaws as they have moved to a rather…um…interesting lifestyle, Long work hours with limited time we can all be together as a family…

Why, yes.  I do enjoy employing the use of DOT, DOT, DOT

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  1. Hi,

    I just came across your blog and thought I’d share some information.

    If you haven’t yet, consider joining the ocu-mel email listserve. It’s a great forum for individuals with and family members of those with ocular melanoma. You can join here:

    The members on the list are incredibly helpful and will help point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing doctors and treatments.

    Also, consider consulting with Dr. Shields at Wills Eye Hospital before deciding on treatment, as well as Dr. Sato, an oncologist at Thomas Jefferson University known to many as the “guru” of OM.

    It sounds like you have a lot of tough things going on right now. Good luck and stay strong.

    All the best,

    • Thank you, thank you, Sarah! I had heard of this Ocu-Mel listserve, but hadn’t found a link to it. Going to join it now. Hopefully appropriate resource for those not experiencing mets? Thank you for the names, too!! I had heard of Jerry and Carol Shields but not Sato. Still reading, reading, and researching. My husband is content with one opinion, but I am not. I guess I have learned the hard way that multiple opinions are best and finding the real experts are important. I had a tough journey myself with heart rhythm disorders and found a quality of life like I never imagined after finding the right docs and facing down heart surgery twice. The surgery that was my miracle had been previously denounced as a “dangerous fishing expedition” by another “top” cardiologist…

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Hi Tornadowarnings – Merry Christmas & Happy NY to you 🙂

    I re-read the About You & I’m so amazed how into life you are – BOOT CAMPS! I’m a bit tired for that. Was hoping to see what you were up to via a latest post but I guess you don’t like to post that much. Sincerely hope you had a great family Christmas though – Noeleen


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